Why Lunsj?

The world's first HR software designed for actual humans

"Organizations need to optimize the power of individuals by connecting them with each other."

Meaningful interaction at work is the bottom line


Decrease in the number of sick days


Reduction in the risk of turnover

+ 56%

Increase in overall job performance

Comfort, connection and contribution, fostered by meaningful interaction, create the cultures of belonging necessary for innovation.

Transform engagement into a leading indicator

  • Employee engagement is still largely driven by lagging indicators, providing a limited snapshot of the past.
  • Lunsj provides management with an up to the minute snapshot of both social and work related engagement.
  • Traditionally a nice to have, engagement and collaboration is now a necessity, and employees are in the driver seat.

New superpowers for HR and management

  • Most companies spend hundreds of hours designing, implementing and scaling programs across departments.
  • Lunsj enables HR to automate context specific employee engagement programs at scale in a fraction of the time.
  • Respond to trends by creating or modifying programs that affect hundreds of employees in just minutes.

Software designed for hybrid workplaces

  • Organizations require new tools that utilize AI in order to fully invest in their most important asset: relationships.
  • Lunsj empowers managers to implement equally effective engagement for both in office and distributed teams.
  • Designed around the BEANs framework, Lunsj is simple to use regardless of an individual's technological skill set.

It's time we reimagine the future of work

"Organizations that choose to integrate humans and AI into superteams can realize much greater value by redesigning work in transformative ways."
Deloitte: Human Capital Trends 2020
"When the people in your organization were children, they were brimming with curiosity and creativity. Your job is to bring that youthful spirit back to life."
HBR: Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation
"Too many organizations focus primarily on measuring engagement rather than on taking the actions needed to engage employees."
Gallup: State of the Global Workplace

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