Facilitate purposeful employee interaction

Lunsj makes it simple for organizations to design and implement customized community building programs and knowledge sharing initiatives at scale.
Quick implementation
No app to download
GDPR & privacy ready

Make engagement social

We believe engagement should mean more than surveys, performance reviews and requests for feedback. Lunsj is software that gives back to the human experience of work.

Personalized engagement

Lunsj provides management with the tools to easily create and automate targeted employee engagement and EX programs.

Designed for simplicity

Software should be accessible, which is why we created Lunsj to be equally simple for all of your team members to use.

Seamless integrations

Lunsj integrates with the tools your company already uses daily to deliver a powerful yet intuitive end-to-end user experience.
Smart Engagement

AI-powered community building

Enable Lunsj's AI on a per-program basis to curate smart introductions between colleagues based on their individual interests, skills, goals and objectives.

Single click activation allows admin users to democratize engagement in seconds
Simple setup user profiles allows our match engine to facilitate relevant connections
Program automation means "always on" engagement for thousands of employees
Colleagues build meaningful connections with self determination and purpose

Design programmatic routines to connect people with purpose at scale

Build a more engaged organization today

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Easy to administer
No app to download
GDPR & privacy ready