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Staying connected with colleagues is more important than ever. We help organizations automate routine knowledge sharing and social connection
at scale, wherever they are.

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Spark inclusive social connection

Social connections underpin the health and wellbeing of the entire organization. Socially connected teams are significantly happier, more engaged and outperform their peers.

Enable routine knowledge sharing

All organizations have silos, but few have a simple way of breaking them down. By automating the process, Lunsj increases learning by enabling regular knowledge sharing across departments and teams.

Foster positive company culture

Social connections are not only the basis for wellbeing and learning, they form the foundation of an organization's culture. Lunsj was built to help nurture a positive culture so that your whole team can thrive.

Coming soon

Lunsj is currently in private beta with select enterprise partners. If you want early access for your organization, please book a demo below.

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